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social Entrepreneur

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Our vision
Independent economic development allows to overcome poverty. The power of change derives from the responsibility of the business community to design an ecological and social market economy in an international sensible manner. The potential for change is KNOWLEDGE.
 Our Manager without Borders have a huge amount of knowledge that he/she can share.
At least once during one‘s long career, as conscious decision purposefully, within a defined period of time, making use of one‘s knowledge by providing it to a project and thereby giving something back and also getting a lot out of it - given a chance, we can become partners.
 Our goal: essential and fundamental expertise is provided in a targeted manner, making directly a big difference (Capacity-Building). A positive change will take place in the mindset of those responsible for the projects towards an entrepreneurial co-responsibility for ONE world (knowledge transfer).
Our mission
We prevent the social aid projects from fizzling out at the moment the aid ends or the charitable projects are completed or abandoned. A high proportion of the projects are stumbling significantly in the course of implementation and thus lack sufficient traction.
We contribute as economists, managers and entrepreneurs using management and business expertise to fight against poverty together with our partners worldwide,establishing ecomically strong and independent corporate structures in the mid-sized sector assuming co-responsibility for the implementation of the project and providing custom-fit management expertise to SMEs, NGOs and social businesses in Africa, Asia and Latin America.


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