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Cooperation with international partners - from the application to the successful finalisation of the project- up to you!

The foundation managerwithoutborders is looking forward to hearing from you. Write us or simply talk to us. An open-minded team is waiting for you. And we are also excited to hear how you became aware of us.

Application for a project support
This sheet allows us to get a rough overview of your project, its current stage and which area it concerns. The more details you add, the faster we can go into the details. We would also appreciate pictures of the project and the surroundings, so that our executives can prepare themselves for the situation. We use the word “project” as an umbrella term. It can include everything, that you hope to have supported from the areas of trade, production, craft, schools, further education, social establishments, business start-ups, agriculture and forestry.

A suitable project
The foundation is specialized in establishing economical processes in underdeveloped regions, in building medium-sized structures and in securing the continuation of the project out of its own resources. A project that is dependent on a long-term basis does not match up to the ideas of our foundation's development work.  The project needs to include all sustainable aspects in order to guarantee comprehensive and therefore long-term success. To sum it up: we want to move away from charity and donations and focus on independence!

Sustainability Codex
For the cooperation with managerwithoutborders, the conclusion of an internal contract is essential, which obligates the project partner to establish a sustainable system -sustainable with regards to ecology, economy and social affairs.  For us the aspect of social sustainability is of particular importance. 

The project can exist on its own only  if the support is temporarily linked to educational factors and does not lead to further dependence. The Knowhow of our managerwithoutborders serves to reach this goal. It remains in the hands of the people participating in the project to which extend the project makes use of the manager's assignment.

Establishing a project plan / Matching
Once we have received all the documents, we start looking for a suitable manager for your project. Not every project needs a financial plan or a new organisational structure. Each project is, however, unique. We need to consider this in order to guarantee the success of a project. Once  a suitable manager has been found, the project partner and the manager set up frameworks and define targets in consultation with the foundation. Whether these are workable in reality can most of the time only be found out once the manager has started working for the project. A possible amendment of the tasks and the exact adaptation to the needs of the people involved locally needs a lot of professionalism on the part of the manager and the foundation. For this reason, the manager is in constant contact with us, also during the duration of the stay.

Cooperation within the project
Once all the groundwork has been done and the manager has arrived at the location, the cooperation between the locally responsible people and the manager starts. For us it is of particular importance, that the manager's development work is regarded as an advisory function. The responsibility remains with those who are in charge of the project. Only this can guarantee the continuation of the project. The responsible parties are participating in a learning process, the implementation has to take place by conviction and not on instruction. The project's own successful implementation of suitable measures is the key to self-reliance and important for the expansion of awareness of all the project members. In order for this not to get lost in a large scope of duties, the evaluation of experiences and findings is needed. Furthermore we want to point out that the social impact every project is being evaluated. 

Most of the time,  a manager's stay represents a phase  in a development process and this takes time. This means that following the stay, a lot of time passes until new structures can be established. In order not to miss the boat during this time, it is very important for the continuation of your project that you provide us with a reporting (should another phase be necessary).  Following the departure of a manager, he or she is going to receive a questionnaire  from us, that will serve as a guide to inform us with regards to experiences, impressions, evaluations and further advise. With this we will be able to prepare a suitable profile for the next manager.

Success and stabilization through sustainability
The support through our managers is of a relatively short duration.  The duration of a manager's stay usually last from 4 weeks up to three months, depending on the project, planning and progression of a project. In addition it depends on the time a manager can spend. During this time a lot can happen.  In order for us to abide by our concept of sustainable self-reliance and to secure the desired success, the reporting straight after a manager's assignment but also the yearly contact, are immensely important. We therefore guarantee that through the baton change from one manager to the next, the acquired knowledge does not get lost, but that instead continuity and sustainability are being secured. 

The promotional activities of the foundation are supported through donations and grants. The consultancy is for free for the project partner. The partner organisation should however provide accommodation, food as well as transport within the project assignment for the manager.

If you have any further questions, we are happy to answer them via E-Mail, telephone or during a personal meeting.  We are looking forward to your enquiry!

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